Born in Ourense, Belén Vaquero began her musical studies playing oboe and piano. Her interest in choral music and love for Baroque repertoire led her to study Historically Informed Singing at Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya. There,  she graduated with Honors in 2019 under Francesc Garrigosa’s guidance. She studied for a Master’s Degree in Musicology at Universidad de La Rioja. Currently, she continues her vocal training at Escuela Superior de Canto de Madrid with Sara Matarranz and Jesús de los Ríos. 

She won the prize “PromesaSMADE 2022” in Semana de Música Antigua de Estella-Lizarra together with the harpsichord player Ramón Pérez-Sindín Blanco, with whom she created the Baroque ensemble L’Affetto Umano. In 2023 she was awarded by Asociación de Amigos de la Ópera de Madrid and offered a concert recital in Ciclo de Jóvenes Cantantes. She has been awarded a scholarship by Fondazione Cini to attend three seminars, receiving lessons from Vivica Genaux, Sophie Daneman and Lisandro Abadie; she also won a scholarship from Fundación Victoria de los Ángeles in 2017. She has received lessons from Ermonela Jaho, Katia Ricciarelli, Carlos Mena, Carlos Aragón, Roberto Balconi, and Cristina Miatello among others.

She participated in the modern days premiere of several Neapolitan cantatas by Alessandro Scarlatti together with The Ministers of Pastime, an ensemble selected in EEEmerging 2022. She performed as a soloist in the production of the oratorio “El Regreso” by Carles Baguer, under Edmon Colomer’s baton in 2019. In 2021 and 2022 she participated in the recovery of Joan Brudieu’s Requiem Mass directed by Josep Cabré. Together with the guitarist Samuel Diz, she participated in the closing act of the Galician Letter’s Day in 2022 singing contemporary galician song at the Royal Galician Academy.

She usually collaborates with ensembles such as Mala Punica, Al Ayre Español, Concerto 1700, Delirivm Musica, Ensemble VN, Ensemble Merveill, Dichos Diabolos, Ensemble Brudieu or Arlequin Philosophe.

  She has performed in principal venues in Spain and Europe. She sang in New Orleans with the Louisiana Philarmonic Orchestra under the baton of Pedro Memelsdorff, supported by Acción Cultural Española and the Williams Research Center. She has participated in the ICCMU’s recovery project of Los celos hacen estrellas, a zarzuela by Juan Hidalgo. She has performed Britten’s The Turn of the Screw in the Palace of Bauer, and Facco’s Las Amazonas de España in Auditorio Nacional de Música with Concerto 1700. 

Belen’s repertoire embraces music from the Middle Ages to the XXth century. She has special interest in Baroque chamber music, Opera and Art Song.